It’s Jammy Time

Sometimes I feel like the fashion industry is taking the piss out of us.  Like Ricky Gervais’ character on Extras, I’ll want to look from the runway collections into the camera and say, “Is he having a laugh?”  Case in point?  Pajamas as evening wear for Spring 2009.

Maybe the threat of economic crisis had designers so down, they wanted to stay in bed with the covers pulled up to their chin.  But instead they were forced to glam it up and cocktail with the masses, so they dressed up their knickers and boom – inspiration.  

Maybe they were having a laugh, a silly runway stunt intended solely to bring a smile to fashion editors’ faces.  I can see how pajamas on the runway could cause a twitter in the crowd, the audience momentarily mesmerized seeing silk worn this way.  Sure, that might juice up a show.  But if it was a joke, why didn’t they let us in on it?!   

Now it has taken on a life of its own, with magazines and newspaper fashion spreads showing pajamas as the new trend for night, whether it’s out on the town or a cozy soiree at home.  Are we to believe the jet set life needs some down time?   

WIll this trend make it beyond printed pages?  Who knows.  The runways are easy, real life is hard. And the comforts of home may be best left there, at home.