Black is Beautiful

The United States pays tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. today, and tomorrow they will inaugurate their first African American president.  So it is no wonder that the topic of race will dominate the news media this week.  Beyond that it remains to be seen how it will feed into the cultural mainstream and media, both in America – a country whose history has been so fractured by race relations – and around the world. 

Race is a topic that’s relevant to us all, even in fashion.  The concern over black models missing from the fashion runways still goes on.  And remember the buzz created by Italian Vogue’s July 2008 all black issue?  

As Barack Obama made his way from Senator to President-Elect last year, there was (thankfully) a visible increase in blacks in the media.  As he takes the oath of office tomorrow, we hope this trend continues.  Let this be the first step in a long walk towards change.  It’s a long time coming, don’t you think?

(Above: Yasmine Warsame happens to grace the cover of Lush magazine’s Winter 2008 edition.)