Bagged out in Amsterdam

While in Amsterdam this month – where I spent a relaxing week cavorting like a local with a BF who now lives there – I hit the Tassenmuseum, also known as the Museum of Bags and Purses. You could say it’s like Mecca for fashionable women.

The museum catalogues the history of the Western purse back to the days when it served both men and women. (That’s right, the ‘murse’ goes much further back than Seinfeld.) Hard to imagine the days when you needed a purse for your embroidery tools and not your iPhone, but these are the things you’ll enjoy discovering.

The collection spans 500 years, all the way up to the modern day Birkin. The museum is housed in a stunning canalhouse that dates back to the 1600’s and used to house the city’s mayor. If you have time, go for high tea, like we did. Thankfully I don’t have to travel far for the shoe museum, located in my own backyard. Perhaps it’s time for high tea with my local BF’s and a trip to the Bata.

Side note — if you find yourself in Paris instead, check out Colette’s window display celebrating 15 years of Fendi’s baguette bag

High tea at Amsterdam’s Tassenmuseum
Luxury or shock value?
Judith Leiber’s Socks, made famous on Sex and the City 
Why the face?!

STORY UPDATE: Love this!