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Contest: Stylemint

If anyone knows style and comfort, it’s got to be Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I mean, if they aren’t on a red carpet or front row at fashion week, then aren’t they lounging in cool t-shirt’s counting their millions? No?! (Kidding…maybe.) Let’s be honest – these girls have proven they know a thing or two about style and design.
With the recent launch of Beachmint in Canada, we get to enjoy the Olsen influence too. MK and Ashley collaborated with Beachmint on an exclusive line of t-shirts called Stylemint. Sign up to Stylemint, complete your style profile and receive a personalized showroom based on your profile. Membership is free.

Stylemint is one of the many celebrity collaborations you’ll find with Beachmint and I’ll be sharing my own experiences with each of them soon. In the meantime, I’m sharing the Stylemint experience with you, readers. Enter to win one of two t-shirts designed by Mary Kate and Ashley. They are super comfy and made in the USA from a delicious blend of cotton/polyester/rayon. 

All you have to do to enter is tell me your style preference – spots or stripes?  

Send an email to by 11:59pm February 29th with “Spots” or “Stripes” in the subject line. You’ll be signed up for the F-list newsletter (if you aren’t already) and entered to win either a red and white polka dot or red and black striped t-shirt from Stylemint based on your style preference! Winner will be contacted by March 2nd.