Love U, Love Your Heart

Valentine’s Day gets a tough rap, with many declaring it a “commercial holiday.” Yes, to a large degree it’s true. We are inundated with so much tacky, heart-shaped stuff the day has lost any connection to true, undying love or St. Valentine, the patron saint of lovers. 
At Style & Conscience, a locally produced and socially responsible clothing line run by Montréal Couture, Valentine’s Day is about a different kind of heart. Last week Style & Conscience presented an exclusive accessory collaboration with Denis Gagnon that benefits the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Québec.
Gagnon has designed the “I Love U” mini-collection that includes a signature leather handbag (named Stéphanie), a silk scarf (named Alexandra) and a keychain (Amélie). Each item was named after 8-year-old triplets of Dr. Nicolas Noisieux, an important volunteer for the Foundation. 
Sold separately or as a trio, the production is locally manufactured on demand only, with 20% of the sales going to finance Heart and Stroke Foundation’s research projects. And that is something we can totally love.