It’s Not On You, It’s On Me

RW & Co. celebrates ten years of Canadian retail with a new campaign called “Unique and Incomparable.” First off, congratulations – these retail success stories are to be applauded! Secondly – and we’re not trying to be haters, but – it’s hard to imagine anything unique about a chain which has survived on looking like everything else out there. Isn’t the point of RW & Co. that the clothes are generically trendy?

The RW & Co. website has taken to telling unique and incomparable stories with a series of schmaltzy videos titled The Perfect Day and The Meeting. The love stories follow a young couple who smile and hug as they cavort around Vancouver, blushing in new love and wearing RW & Co. But apparently unique and incomparable is not something you can buy in a store. The videos tell us it’s not on us. It’s in us. So remember – unique and incomparable on the inside. Generic fashion on the outside.

We wish them well, but think they should take a page from the modern retailer’s Guide to Survival in the 21st Century – guest designers! When it comes to designing the next collection ask yourself – what would Jason Meyers do?!