The thing about reality television is sometimes you have to create drama. Without a script to dictate it through dialogue, reality tv often relies on sudden changes in challenges to insert tension.

Sometimes surprises backfire, like when Jason and Genevieve returned to the competition last week. That drama would have been enough, but the designers were paired into teams and two people – TWO – would go home at the end of the show.

It seems unfair to take TWO people out, especially when there’s only one person we want to go. (Spoiler alert! No offense to Kim, but you knew she was next to go.) But Adejoke – that outfit KILLED. Made out of camping materials, but fresh as an inner city preteen.

Adejoke’s final design of the show would be her best yet, and by far the best thing on the runway. But she left a victim of dramatic circumstance. Was she disappointed she saw the same fate as Kim, whose construction was criticized?

She appeared optimistic the morning after the show. “Once you do the best you can, there’s nothing left to do.”

Adejoke has been sewing since she was six. Kim’s construction was the death of her. That must have weighed on Kim, right? “I loved my designs.” Kim said to us later. “But I wish I could have made stronger garments.”

Right, that.

While in Toronto for the Project Runway final taping during LG Fashion Week, Kim expressed her love and awe of Evan Biddell. “He doesn’t even make patterns. He just drapes the fabric and cuts out these shapes and creates garments. It’s a beautiful process to watch.”