Don’t be Cruel to ‘Carny Love’

Dear Project Runway Canada,

It is with great love and support that this blog is addressed to you.  As you know we love the show.  Or rather, we WANT to love the show. But last week’s episode was a little cruel.

Ideally, the finalists of any reality show competition should represent the best undiscovered talent in the country.   This makes for fierce competition and unbelievable performances or, in the case of PRC, runway results.  The opening episode aside, we have spent the last few weeks watching as fish-out-of-water designers are thrown against the current and expected to swim. 

Let’s face it – you should have certain level of expertise to compete on Project Runway.  And while being self-taught or a streetwear designer does not necessarily count you out, if you’re going to expect cocktail dresses in competition, surely you should bring on designers who can cut cocktail?  

This is no reflection anyone in particular.  Margerita and Christie are great personalities and fine streetwear designers with fun labels and happy, loyal customers.  But under tight deadlines and high expectations, they quickly deteriorated before our eyes.  It was almost too much to bear.  Tell us, does that make for great tv?

We spoke with Christie after last week’s show.  She thinks her streetwear line, Carny Love, will benefit from her learnings on the show, “The Spring/Summer line is super cute, it’s getting more sophisticated.”   But even she admitted her aesthetic and abilities did not prepare her for the ELLE Canada judgements that would come.  (She is still good pals with fellow design-mate Jason, not to worry.) 

We hope the rest of the season focuses on pointing out how great the remaining designers are, not the inexperience of a few.  Let the (real) games begin.