Holiday Wish List: Item #12

Pamela Anderson, kindly avert your attention for this blog post.  This one is about fur.
I adore fur.  It’s only since moving to Canada that I even gave fur any thought.  Canadians love their fur.  It’s part of the history and well-accepted here.  Not so where I come from.  In fact, while visiting friends in Pennsylvania I discovered (and quickly snapped up) a mint condition fur shoulder wrap at a flea market.  My American friends were aghast, questioning “You aren’t worried about wearing fur? Won’t you be attacked?”  “Are you kidding?” I replied adding, “in Canada?!” As if.
Yes, I unaplogetically wear vintage fur.  In the words of Rachel Zoe: It’s vintage, so it’s okay.
That’s why I love Montreal’s Rachel F.  She is a practical yet imaginative designer of accessories using recycled leather and fur.
“I only use recycled animal skins and other materials that come from second hand clothes, production waste, and material samples that were not used from large manufacturers. Because we live in an over consumption world, we should take advantage of this opportunity to renew existing materials.”
– Rachel F.
And when I stumbled across her latest fall line at Shopgirls earlier this year, I knew these earmuffs would haunt my dreams.  I decided to put them on my Christmas list.