Barbie Gone Wild

LG Fashion Week typically kicks off with cocktails amongst the brand labels at Holt Renfrew in what’s called the Holt Renfrew Media Cocktail. With Canadian design on the table this week, Holts chose to highlight some Canadian designers they love and carry in the stores including Greta Constantine, Mikhael Kale, Jeremy Laing, Philip Sparks and Denis Gagnon.

Meanwhile, back in the tents the crowds were jonesing for a trip down memory lane. David Dixon was presenting the highly anticipated Barbie by David Dixon line (to be carried by the Bay, fall 2009) following his own fall collection. The tents were doused with Barbie top to bottom. And with inspiration like this one-of-a-kind Barbie hat (above, seen on National Post writer Nathalie Atkinson), I got to thinking of all the Barbies that were never made, but would fit in today.

Feel free to add to the list!

Girls Gone Wild Barbie
Social Climber Barbie
Reality TV Star Barbie (complete with her own US Weekly cover)
Ecoholic Barbie
Vegas Showgirl Barbie (feather headress included!)
DWI Barbie (comes with her own mugshot and ink stained fingertips)