Faces of Fashion: Senait

Senait of Elmer Olsen Models
If 10,000 hours is what it takes to be a success at something, then Elmer Olsen Model’s young Senait has a long way to go. “I’ve been modeling eight months,” she explains. But this fresh face knows that practice and patience go hand in hand when trying to excel at something. It’s that kind of determination that has her confidently walking upright in high heels – her “biggest challenge” to date – while other new models struggle.  
And while modelling may be new to her, Senait is quite familiar with the misconceptions around the business. “To be a model you have to have a healthy balanced diet and on top of that you must be active so you have the energy to keep up with everything! Like playing on a sports team.”  
It can’t be hard to keep a model’s figure when your weaknesses are sushi and strawberries (as opposed to, say, steamed dumplings and scones). Hitting the runway at LG Fashion Week has been Senait’s biggest moment yet, and with her unique look she’ll likely graduate to international runways in no time.