The DNA of Men’s Style

I’ve been thinking about men’s style quite a bit lately. Not men’s fashion, but style. There is plenty of fashion available. But truthfully there is very little style on display. I think many men are confused and don’t want to bother. When I see a stylish man in real life — particularly one who doesn’t work in fashion — I’m always taken aback.

Musician Adam Cohen has surprising style. (For those who haven’t heard, Leonard Cohen had a son about 40 years ago named Adam. He makes music. Beautiful music.) Just as his songs have an inherent Cohen sound, it seems there is also a style gene tucked inside the family DNA.

Leonard Cohen circa 1960’s
Leonard Cohen today

Leonard’s “flawless style” is well-documented. In earlier photos, you see him at ease in his Fedora hat, slouchy button down shirts, a scarf and a black overcoat. Wearing a crinkled forehead and a cigarette in his hand, why you can just hear him growling, “When they said repent, I wonder what they meant.”

My French is terrible, but I think this recent spread in Elle Quebec says something to the effect of “Adam Cohen smolders while looking handsome and stylish, without even trying!” 

ELLE Quebec spread on Adam Cohen
Fashion is what they sell at the stores. But style you can’t buy. (It’s why some people get paid to be stylists. You never hear people getting paid to be fashionable.) Men with great style are fascinating because men have much less to work with by comparison (ladies, removable peplum, need I say more?). Great style is typically not flashy. It’s not built on brand names. 
Adam’s worn-in look is a layered mix of scarves and button down shirts, often peppered with vests or suit jackets and of course, hats. But it’s not really what he wears, it’s how he wears it. He is elegant and rebellious all at once. Maybe it’s the bare feet?

Who knows. I’m all about menswear right now. More to come. Including concert tickets!

Later this month Adam Cohen heads out on a Canadian tour with stops in Vancouver, Calgary, Quebec and Toronto. The F-list is giving readers a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Toronto October 25th date. 

Details to come!