Holiday Wish List: Item #32

Are late nights leaving bags under your eyes?  Those aren’t gifts, girlfriend.  Elizabeth Grant knows this too and decided to do one better than the average eye cream to prevent morning puff-ups.  I discovered their amazing eye product The Socializer during fashion week when my diet consists of too little sleep and too much coffee.
This 2-in-1 product is also the perfect remedy to holiday partying.  One tube, dubbed Late Nights, is your “too-much-fun-too-little-sleep remedy; apply before you crash and wake up looking like you slept like a baby.”  The other tube, Bright Lights, is “all the hydrating, cooling, soothing, de-puffing, dark-circle-erasing, illuminating action we could fit into one tiny tube.”
Your late night secret is safe!  Available online for $40.

Holiday Wish List: Item #47

I’m a very late Christmas shopper. I never shop for the people in my life until weeks – sometimes days – before Christmas. But picking things Santa could bring me?  Easy peasy.  Luckily my husband is a great giver with or without any hints from me.  And the best part is he buys me things I would never buy myself (read: splurge-worthy).
Occasionally he marries the “need” with the “want” so I’m hoping to find these under our Christmas tree – a smart, sexy winter accessory.  Why freeze your digits off when texting whilst outdoors?  Barrington’s carries these rather sleek cashmere and leather gloves with finer cut-outs, $95.  They only come in black, pine and aubergine and the store is located out in Oakville (totally out of my downtown comfort zone).  But my guess is if they have them, somebody else does too!