Denis Gagnon Interprets Alice in Wonderland

“You used to be much more…”muchier.” 
You’ve lost your muchness.”
~ The Mad Hatter (2010)
One thing that’s almost certain with a Denis Gagnon dress: it’s never too much. His latest concoction is a dress inspired by Alice in Wonderland for the Luminato Festival.
This is not something we recommend wearing if you’re planning to fall down a rabbit hole, of course. It is, however, a stunning work of art.
The dress is a hand-beaded confection of white and silver that will be on display throughout the Festival at the Wintergarden Lobby, 225 King Street West until Sunday, June 19th.
On opening night guests of Luminato were treated to a cocktail reception for the official unveiling of the dress.
Denis & Me
Denis & his muses wearing, what else?
P.S. Pardon the washed out look of the photos. I’m in-between cameras right now, and the poor lighting in the venue didn’t help either. The dress is stunning in person. Go see!