From the Front Row

World MasterCard Fashion Week may be winding down to its last days, but the crowds haven’t waned a bit. Hundreds cram into the runway room on the hour, every hour, and the front row fills with some of the city’s most stylish denizens. There are some rocking outfits on display, but I’ve been taking note of those carrying more serious accessories – a camera.

This recurring feature catches up with some front row photographers to find out, what are you shooting with?

Hawley Dunbar,

Hawley has her freshly manicured finger on the pulse of all that’s current in music, fashion and technology. Turns out she’s also pretty handy with a macro lens.

What are you shooting with?
A Canon EOS 60 D. I flip between a 100mm Macro lens and a 50mm Macro depending on my location in the front row.
Do you share the photos? How?

I post them on my fashion and music blog,

What’s your favourite feature of this device?
I can do a lot with my 60 D because it’s a professional level body. I love the sport setting for shooting runway because it captures the model no matter how fast they might be strutting.


Chris Howson, radio & TV host


Chris claims to be the “current owner of Brooke Shields eyebrows,” but this humble morning show host and producer at Toronto’s ProudFM radio bears more of a resemblance to Chris Noth. Think Chris Noth’s much, much younger brother.
What are you shooting with?
I’m using the Nikon D5200 DSLR burgundy edition. 
Do you share the photos? How?
I’m shooting for the Men’s Fashion Insider show Twitter account. It’s a show on OUTtv that I host. I also use the photos for and
What’s your favourite feature of this device?
I love that fact that it also shoots broadcast quality HD video. I’m a bit of a ‘jack of all trades’ in this industry so I’m glad my camera is too!
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