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Try NextIssue On Me

Do you remember your first magazine subscription? I do. It was Highlights magazine. Highlights was a beautifully illustrated kids’ magazine that my adolescent self highly anticipated getting in the mail every month.

Soon it was followed by Teen, Sassy, Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone, SPIN, Vogue, Health, The New Yorker and so on. On and on my magazines piled up. My magazine subscriptions mirrored my diverse interests in life. Fast forward to now – great content is shared everywhere. I can’t keep up with my magazines, and why pay for something I rarely get a chance to read?

Thankfully my single subscription to Next Issue has solved everything.

NextIssue for iPad

Dozens of titles, one little iPad

I first heard about NextIssue from a friend last summer and immediately subscribed. Not only do I get access to magazines I already love, I can flip through any magazine any time I want. Even those I wouldn’t buy in print.

Let’s face it, sometimes you want to read a magazine for that one story.

If you love magazines, you’ll love Next Issue. Try out it for 60 days FREE on me – click here to claim this special F-List offer. Their regular pricing will run you $9.99 to $14.99 a month, which, considering cable bills today, is an entertainment bargain.