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First Loves

Do you remember what you were wearing when you fell in love for the first time?  Back then I was probably wearing Doc Martens – black, patent leather, over the ankle boots, perfectly worn in from standing (or dare I say, moshing) through endless live concerts and late nights.  Oh, the 90’s.
So when Dr. Martens approached me about participating in their #FirstandForever event for their spring 2012 launch, I said yes.  My challenge?  Submit a few snapshots that remind me of my first love.  Tomorrow night the Dr. Martens store in Toronto will become a gallery of bloggers’ first love photographs.

Stay tuned for my report on the exhibit that includes me, the Beckerman girls, Sasha from LaineyGossip, Julio from Fashionights and so many more amazing bloggers.  
And when you find yourself in the neighborhood, stop in to try on new spring styles.  You’ll be amazed at the styles.  In the MANY years since I first fell head over heels for someone, Dr. Martens have gone from this…

 To this…