F-LIST EXCLUSIVE: Win a $100 gift card from Dealuxe

Wish your window shopping would pay off?  Now it can.  F-list members are invited to sign up for Dealuxe and share your summer must-haves for a chance to win a $100 gift card.  But summer is fleeting and so is this special offer.  You only have until July 27th to post your comments and enter.

  • Smythe's Pouf Sleeve Equestrian Blazer wants to come home with me. I would totally let it.

  • When I win the $100 the Idalia sandals are totally mine!

  • J.

    Love the Smythe Double Breasted Nylon Jacket! $100 would definitely help towards this lovely jacket!

  • A silk Equipment blouse. So cool and so classic!

  • K

    loving Dolce Vita's Idalia flat! They will go perfectly with my maxi dress, shorties, skinny jeans and even leggings! so want to get my hands on them ๐Ÿ˜€

  • the dolce vita marci sandal, love it!!

  • If I luck out on the gift card I would definitely get myself the RoseGold Catherine Black Wedges! ๐Ÿ™‚ <br />*Crosses fingers*

  • As far as essentials go, a quality button up is coveted and treasure. The thought of long sleeves may be daunting come July and the battle of style versus comfort ensues (style winning every time, of course). However, when escaping the sun&#39;s heat grapples, Equipment&#39;s<br />Sleeveless Signature blouse seems like a fitting solution. A beacon of assurance I not only have my cake, but can

  • If the Fashion Gods are with me the Dolce Vita Jade Wedges will be mine!!

  • Dolce Vita Jade Wedge is reaaaallly gorgeous as well. Perfect for summer, whether you are dressing casual or semi-formal. Because it&#39;s a nude colour, it would be perfect to elongate your legs without looking like &#39;you-are-wearing-insanely-high-heels&#39;! and also because it&#39;s a wedge, no doubt that it&#39;d be super comfy!