Designer Jessica Jensen moves in with MINTO

One thing that’s usually true about good designers is, they have good taste.  So when I heard that leather handbag designer Jessica Jensen was designing a model penthouse suite for MINTO’s 775 King Street West building, my first thought was – YES!

It’s exciting to see what designers can create when working outside of their usual category. But having seen shots of Jessica’s recent studio renovation on her Instagram feed – gorgeous! – I was extra intrigued was she would do with an entire condo.  

A snap of Jessica’s studio renovation from her Instagram feed

The two-bedroom, two-bath apartment with wrapping balconies faces south and west to some of the most impressive views of the city.  Her challenge was to turn a naked apartment – with floors, countertops and cabinets complete – into a home to sell.  Luxurious, sophisticated comfort was behind the design’s theme of “Let me take you home.”  Jessica channeled the aesthetic of a “Parisian architect’s flat” in her mix of modern vs. traditional luxury, masculine vs. feminine and industrial vs. rustic.

A buyer might expect to see hints of leather from a leather goods designer. They would not be disappointed.  I, unfortunately, missed the installation of a custom tufted leather headboard by a day, though I did catch a glimpse of whimsy in the one pink kidskin upholstered dining chair and a leather-topped metal tanker desk in the study.

Jessica collaborated with a number of local tradesmen to create custom furnishings and fixtures for the suite, including a concrete moulded coffee table, console and stools, plus a reclaimed barnboard wall and industrial hot-pressed sliding door in the master bedroom.  Most of the furnishings are from local retailers with a few pieces from IKEA and Pottery Barn coyly integrated.

I feel like I’m at home. (Can I be?)