Fashion is everywhere. It’s not just in the clothes we wear, it’s evident in the cars we drive, the drinks we order, the trips we take, even the apps we download. Fashion has permeated nearly every facet of our daily life. The F-List is about the fashionable life.

Leesa Butler talking menswear at a FGI Toronto event.

Leesa Butler talking menswear at a FGI Toronto event. Photo by Vengenza Fotografia

It all started in 2006.

A genuine interest in fashion combined with years of professional experience in marketing/dot-com plus the support of local industry colleagues created a perfect storm, and the F-List was born: a digital resource for Canadian designer information including collection photographs and retail locations. Soon the F-List was covering runway shows and fashion events across Canada.

As a recession, globalization and technology have impacted fashion, I’ve tried to share their effects on the Canadian industry. The F-List’s editorial is influenced by my marketing expertise and business acumen. By day I work with brands on everything from content development to product placement through my company Divine Lab, Inc.  My fashion resumé includes a stint as the regional director of Toronto’s chapter of Fashion Group International (2012/2013) and a current position as the Fashion Business & Management program coordinator for Centennial College. Occasionally I write for other publications and have been published in Style Reporter, FLARE magazine, Lush magazine, Women’s Post, Naked Eye magazine and YummyMummy.ca.

The business of fashion is changing at warp speed. It’s time to expand the fashion conversation.

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